3 Things You Need to Ask Your Excavation Contractor Before Hiring

Excavation service

Before you hire any professional to do a job on your home or commercial area, you need to ask several questions first as part of your pre-hiring process. This will not only help ensure that you are hiring the right people but also create better communication between you and the pros you’re getting for the job.

Here are questions to keep in mind:

What are you going to do with all the dirt?

It doesn’t matter if you got a commercial or residential excavation services in California. The truth is that every kind of excavation job generates more dust and dirt than what you normally expect. Before hiring a contractor, it is better to ask straight away what dirt removal plan they have in place. This is to ensure that you don’t end up cleaning any mess that the excavation job leaves behind.

What are your insurance protocols?

Pipes are often at risk with any excavation job. Depending on the area being excavated, these pipes could be carrying more than just water. Before hiring contractors, you need to ensure if they have an insurance protocol that could handle potential problems during the project, such as when they accidentally hit a pipe or damage a neighboring property. This will give you peace of mind that someone else is liable and you are covered if something bad happens.

What is your hiring process?

These contractors could be in and out of your property for days. They could be around your family and loved ones. Knowing that the company does a thorough background check on their employees will give you some peace of mind for your family’s safety You can also inquire about the training and specializations they may have to ensure that you are paying for professional work.

Asking these questions beforehand will help ease any concerns you may have about the people you’ve trusted with your commercial or residence property. It will also limit the possibility of any misunderstanding between you and the contractor. Don’t be shy to ask these questions. It is your right as a customer to ensure that you are getting the right professional services for the right job.