4 Tips When Hiring Bail Bond Agencies

Working with the Right Bail Bonds Agency

A bond was just set by the judge, but you don’t even have a dime to pay for it. What do you do now? You look for a bail agent.

Finding a Salt Lake City bail bond agent doesn’t take much time, as you only need to choose from a few providers. But when we’re talking about the right agent, Beehive Bail Bonds reminds that it’s best to be keen and strict with your choice.


Asking for a license should be the first thing you should do. Hiring an unlicensed agency is the same as asking for new trouble. You wouldn’t want to add another headache to your looming trial date. It’s good to ask your defense attorney for recommendations, as they normally have connections.


Even if an agency is licensed, their service may not be that reliable. First, check their physical office — how their agents dress up and how they communicate with you. Second, check their agents’ qualifications and what degrees and experiences they have. Lastly, ask other people who have hired the agency if possible.


Normally, the price is the top concern. This can be misleading, however, as you can easily fall for a lower premium. Have you checked if the agency is licensed? Normally, a 10% premium is charged by the agency. It’s also advisable that you ask for a breakdown of the bail price. They shouldn’t think twice in giving you direct answers for that.


A bail bond agency you can rely on any time of the week is ideal, but it must be a target when you’re looking for the right agency. Their agents should be available when you need them, depending on the arrangement terms. It’s also at the most inconvenient times that you’ll see if an agency is professional enough to help you.

Securing help from a bail bond agency to pay for your bail (or part of it) can be as stressful as your upcoming trial. To find the right one, look for a professional agency that will take care of you during the life of the contract’s term.