A Healthy Self-image is Key to an Anorexic’s Path to Success

Healthy Self-imageIt’s hard to face a problem if the one concerned is reluctant about it – ferociously denying its very existence even. As tragic as it may sound, this is usually the case for many anorexia nervosa patients. Sadly, of all psychiatric disorders the obsession on restricting one’s diet claim the most lives, famous celebrities including.

Treatment for anorexia should arrest the problem. At its core, it helps the patient develop a better self-image, a picture most anorexic patient distort way out of proportion to their own detriment.

Fasting to Death

It’s hard to imagine how anyone can choose to skip meals even with an already dangerously thin nutrient-deprived body. And yet, this is exactly how many anorexic patients went away affecting even those enjoying worldwide fame.  

Such was the case of one of the most sought-after voices of yesteryears, Karen Carpenter. The world-renowned “Top of the World” singer was so reliant on ipecac for vomiting, she succumbed to heart failure in the 80’s. More recently, the passing of anorexic French actress and model Isabelle Caro who was so shockingly thin she’d pass for a famine victim is hard to forget.

So devastating is anorexia nervosa, research reveals the life-threatening disease has the highest mortality rate of all mental disorders on the Planet.

Finding Health

Seeking comprehensive treatment for anorexia for your overly diet-conscious next of kin is wise. To note, anorexia nervosa is a complex mental condition. More often than not, patients who are suffering from the psychiatric disorder hide their unhealthy under-eating activities from their inner circle. And even with an apparent weight loss, they may still be under the impression that they’re overweight.

In short, most of these patients have a distorted view of themselves. The best treatment, therefore, is a team effort involving not just diet but also attending to mental health and physical well-being. A prolonged period of diet restriction results in nutrient deficiency (e.g., dehydration, electrolyte imbalance) which could endanger your dearly beloved’s life.

A healthy self-image is key. Once the anorexic patient develops one and put his obsession at bay, the path to total recovery is a short one.