A Healthy Smile: Preventing Damage from Teeth Stains

Stained TeethEating is one the greatest pleasures in life — who would disagree? Sometimes, some our favourite food and beverages could stain out teeth, though. While certain types of food and beverages can discolour your teeth, Smile Spa believes brightening your smile is as easy as visiting the dentist periodically and practising proper oral hygiene.

Teeth stains happen because of food particles that stick to the surface of teeth or accumulate within tooth enamel, the outer protective covering of a person’s tooth. Before you learn how best to treat a stain properly, you need to understand the types of teeth stains.

Extrinsic Teeth Stains Affect the Surface of the Tooth

You can easily make out extrinsic teeth stains since tiny particles often appear and attach themselves to the surface of the teeth. External teeth stains happen as a result of the accumulation of teeth-staining substances between small cracks on the teeth, instead of inside the tooth enamel. Smoking, coffee, wine, and cola are the common culprits behind extrinsic teeth stains.

Intrinsic Teeth Stains Accumulate and Affect Teeth Enamel

Intrinsic teeth stains happen when stain-causing particles accumulate in the tooth enamel and internally affect a person’s tooth. Unlike extrinsic stains, which can affect any number of teeth, intrinsic teeth stains usually affect only one tooth. With internal stains, the inner structure of the teeth often darkens or gets a yellowish tint.

Maintaining Proper Oral Care to Avoid Teeth Stains

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day can help remove stubborn stains that cling to your teeth after every meal. Professional dental cleanings will also help remove surface stains.
  • Some types of food can cause discolouration more than others. Aim for a sticky food and dark-coloured fruit-free diet for a brighter smile.
  • Make it a point to floss your teeth regularly to dislodge food particles that could discolour adjacent teeth. Moreover, professional dental cleanings every six months will help keep your teeth white.

The best course of action against teeth stains is to maintain proper oral hygiene. A lack of oral care could, after all, lead to more serious complications as a result of teeth stains.