A Look at the PAMP Suisse Lunar Collection Featuring the Chinese Zodiac

Buillion CoinsThe Produits Artistiques Metaux Percieux, or PAMP Suisse, is one of the world’s most prominent bullion brands. Almost synonymous with Swiss banking and security, PAMP products are found anywhere where there are gold bars for sale.

One of their most popular collections is the PAMP Lunar Series, which features animals from the Chinese Zodiac. Available in gold and silver ingots, the Lunar series is a popular collector’s item and a favourite of bullion investors.

A Demand for Chinese Zodiac Bullion

The Chinese Zodiac is well-known across the world, especially since a large majority of global businesses has ties with companies based in China. This features twelve calendar animals, which are inspired by animals depicted in an ancient Chinese myth.

Due to the zodiac’s popularity, there is a distinct uptick in the demand for commemorative bullion coins whenever the Chinese New Year comes around. This year’s hottest commodity are gold Rooster coins — 2017 is the year of the Rooster.

The PAMP Suisse Lunar Collection

In line with the global demand for items bearing the Chinese Zodiac, PAMP Suisse released their Lunar Series. This collection features twelve gold bars, each one depicting an engraving of one of the animals from the Chinese calendar. There will be one bar released every year, matched with its corresponding year.

The collection was first introduced in 2012, during the year of the dragon. Their latest release is the Rooster, which is coinciding with 2017’s Chinese New Year. Each one is released at the start of the year, and are scheduled as follows:

•Dragon — Released in 2012

•Snake — Released in 2013

•Horse — Released in 2014

•Sheep — Released in 2015

•Monkey — Released in 2016

•Rooster — Released in 2017

• Dog — To be released in 2018

•Pig — To be released in 2019

•Rat — To be released in 2019

•Ox — To be released in 2020

•Tiger — To be released in 2021

• Hare — To be released in 2022

There are only six bars left to be released in the collection. Collectors are already paying a premium to complete the collection, with the original Dragon gold bar being one of the most sought after of PAMP Suisse’s pieces.