Advantages of Assisted Living Homes

Old people having fun

Assisted living homes are much more luxurious than traditional nursing homes. For beautiful, stylish apartments, set in nice surroundings with restaurant dining and a full activity program, assisted living facilities are the very best choice.

Ask most older adults and they will say they don’t want to go into an old people’s home. Many view it as a place where people go to die. They are synonymous with seniors sitting in armchairs all day in a hospital-like, sterile environment.

So uninviting are many nursing homes that more than half of residents have depression, which accounts for the shockingly high prescription rate for anti-depressants among elderly inhabitants in institutionalized care. Assisted living centers offer a new kind of care home that really cares.

Why Assisted Living is Great

Senior living here in Orem is a type of elderly care home that will have older people trying to break in. It has lots of benefits not seen in a standard facility:

    • Stylish apartments with different floor plans so residents can choose their own home
    • Accommodation with a home-from-home feel
  • Beautiful décor throughout
  • Restaurant style group dining – so every meal feels like eating out
  • Memory care architecture to prevent wandering and promote calm and happy residents
  • A full program of activities on every day, so no resident ever gets bored
  • Help where needed from trained staff, with support to maintain as much independence as possible.

Some assisted living facilities also boast swimming pools, sports venues, clubs or shops so that grandma can still enjoy going to the store or for a swim.

Dementia Villages Make Happy People

Some memory care homes also decorate their buildings in retro designs from the 1940’s and 50’s to transport their residents back to a happier and younger time in their lives. Some “villages” have constructed their own post offices and cafes from the era.

This has been shown to reduce confusion and agitation in dementia patients and contribute to feelings of contentment.

Assisted living communities are rapidly replacing traditional nursing homes as the new and fun way for seniors to spend their twilight years.