Breathe Freely: Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Home's Indoor Air Quality If you or a family member suffers from allergies even when indoors, there’s a good chance that the air in your home is full of irritants and harmful pollutants. These may irritate a person’s airway and trigger an asthma attack. To avert this, be sure that your air conditioning system is functioning well at all times.

Maintain air conditioning system regularly

If there’s a change in the system’s airflow or if you suspect there are molds growing inside it, clean the air ducts right away. Be sure to perform cleaning and maintenance, according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. If you notice any problem, do not try and fix it yourself. Call an AC repair specialist in Denver or anywhere in Colorado right away.

Control indoor humidity

Air pollution levels inside the house are, more often than not, higher than outside. Fortunately, air conditioning systems can help improve indoor air quality. Apart from cooling the room during the warmer months, they are good at maintaining the right humidity levels. This is important as humidity affects the concentrations of indoor air pollutants, such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. 

Air conditioners don’t only eliminate these hazards; they also provide overall moisture control. You can check if the humidity in your home is at the right levels by using a moisture or humidity gauge. See to it that your indoor humidity is between 30% and 50%.

Check the filters

Air conditioning systems can capture air particles automatically. The filter in the duct system keeps the airflow clean and dirt-free. And since it traps dust and other pollutants, make sure to clean the filter regularly. You should also change it when necessary.

When getting or replacing your current air conditioner, be sure to choose a system that circulates filtered air from outside. This can help improve your home’s ventilation and reduce mold growth and indoor pollutants. You won’t only control indoor air quality with an efficient HVAC system; you will also be able to keep your family safe from allergies.