Counseling: The Wake-up Call

Counselling with friendsPerhaps you have been considering calling a counselor for a while. There are days when you feel devastated and need someone to speak to. You feel sad and disconnected from what you love. The following day, you wake up feeling okay and brush aside the need to talk to someone. However, the issues affecting you are still there and will haunt you again.

Living in a cold city with little sunlight can also affect your mood, according to counselor Gideon Killion of Lifecraft Counselling LLC. If you live in Denver, counseling services are always within reach.

First to start evaluating yourself. It’s time to break the spell and recognize signs you’re experiencing life’s burdens.

Overwhelming Feeling of Anger and Sadness

Intense feelings often lead to withdrawal from friends or having suicidal thoughts. You might be experiencing a mental health issue that needs professional therapy to heal.

Disconnection Feeling

Have your friends, family gatherings and club meetings lost their golden touch? If you no longer enjoy the company of your friends or feel disconnected from activities you loved most, you need some counseling.

Substance Dependency

Some people resort to drugs, sex, or alcohol to numb unwanted feelings. Counseling will help you take stock of your life by treating what is holding you back.

Concerned Friends

Friends are the first persons to notice behavioral changes. If your friends say that they are worried about some changes in your behavior, it is worth looking into it.

Traumatic Events

Traumatic events like loss of loved ones, breakups, or job loss can result from post-traumatic conditions. The only way to deal with traumatic events is talking to a professional counselor.

Finding the courage to seek help and push through treatment is powerful. Counseling allows you to get stock of your life and relationships, figure out what is missing or holding you back, and start crafting a life that is meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable.