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Client Info

Customer: Seller on Amazon

Time for Receiving: 3-7 days

Destination: India

Freight Way: India Door to door special line

Market Background

With the rapid development of India's ecommerce market, logistics service has not kept pace. Logistics distribution from China - India and India, has become the pain point to Amazon sellers.  In addition, the Courier service provider is not professional enough to solve the problems.

Customer's Background

As the development of Amazon in India, the sales volume is larger and larger. The shop’s SKU is developing rapidly.

Pain Point

It's hard to find a professional forwarding company, hard to control the logistics cost which influence the sales and stock.

CHOICE's Solution

CHOICE provides India parcel service according to the situation of client. The service is high speed, low cost and stable. The seller send the goods in big package to CHOICE warehouse, we send them to India by air and GATI in charge of the last mile delivery. This service is speedy and convenient.