Facebook Just Made Mobile Shopping Easier with the Collection Ad Unit

A Woman Scrolling Through Facebook Social media marketing is a massive help to any brand that wants to establish a stable online presence. It enables you to promote your products and present content directly to your targeted customers.

It is particularly useful because billions of people check social media platforms daily. In fact, an SEM company in Singapore says Facebook alone reaches 1.4 billion people every day. So the universal social media platform continually develops and finds ways to help targeted customers have a better online experience.

A New Ad Format that Complements Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising, from video ads to carousel ads, lets you manage and customise the way targeted customers see your products. Advertising may not be enough, however, especially when consumers are on-the-go individuals who would rather click on what they can see than open a new tab and type in a web address.

The developers at Facebook have realised this, so they looked for ways to amplify online advertising. It recently introduced Collection, a new ad format that helps people find and buy products more conveniently. The ad format leads video ad viewers to product catalogues without difficulty.

A New Function that Attaches Product Catalogues to Video Ads

Collection has recently become available globally. It lets social media marketers attach product images to their video ads. These product images lead to a product catalogue with a maximum showcase of 50 products. Tapping on a product, then, leads the targeted customer to either a product detail page for further information about it or to an app for purchasing.

According to Facebook, watching video on social media tends to influence a consumer’s purchasing decisions. So the social media giant came up with Collection, an ad format that contributes to your Facebook advertising success by making the buying experience easier for your targeted customers.