For Breweries: Storing Your Hops Made Easy

brewing barrels

Your brewery is running on hops. These hops are practically one of the lifelines of your business, so you know how important and prized they are. Spoiled hops are a loss, so you must make sure that the methods you employ in keeping them are foolproof and reliable.

This is where many breweries commit mistakes. Just because they have been handling hops for years does not mean that their methods cannot be improved further. If you are looking for far better ways to protect your hops, you are reading the right article.

Below are some of the ways you need to keep in mind if you want to protect the citra hops you have bought in bulk:

Say No to Oxygen

Among the enemies of hops is oxygen. If your hops are exposed to oxidation, their most important qualities, such as the aroma and taste, might be compromised. Certain acids in the hops that cause that distinct bitterness in beer react negatively with oxygen, so when that happens, that precious taste will surely be affected.

Stay Away from Heat

Heat and humidity can cause the acceleration of your hops’ aging. And when your hops age faster than the usual, the taste and quality will be affected. What you should do is keep your hops in a refrigerator to prolong their lifespan while maintaining their quality.

Store Them in the Dark

Just like heat, light can easily make your hops age faster. So make sure that your hops are kept in dark and secure areas where your hops can tolerate the amount of light.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to preserve your hops. Consult a reliable brewery professional for other useful information.