Life Advice: Excellent Careers Worth Pursuing

Person Holding a Resume

Choosing a career is probably one of the most important decisions that people make in life. After all, they spend a significant part of their adult lives working. If you’re a high school senior or middle-aged employee still trying to figure out what career you really want, take a look at these suggestions:

A Career in IT

In this digital world, many jobs are available in the field of information technology (IT). You can work as an IT consultant, a software developer, and more. One way to be an IT professional is to take up courses like computer science in a college or university. After studying, you should also be certified by passing evaluations like the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam. Doing so will make it easier for you to land a job.

A Career in Health Care

Both noble and lucrative, a career in the health care field is worth looking into. You can be a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, and more. Depending on the job you want to pursue, you’ll have to get a doctorate, bachelor’s, or associate’s degree to become a health care practitioner. Plus, you have to pass licensure exams like the NCLEX and NBDE to practice your profession.

A Career in Engineering

From designing cars to building skyscrapers, the engineering field offers many great career opportunities. You can train to become a chemical, electrical, and nuclear engineer. For most engineering professions, you have to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in the corresponding engineering program. Also, to become a licensed engineer, you must pass the FE and PE exams.

Overall, the career you choose will become a very significant part of your life, so think carefully before making your choice.