Make Implants Part of Your Smile Makeover

Woman with Great Smile

Woman with Great SmileHaving a smile to be proud of can change your life. If you have been living with teeth that make you want to suppress your smile, then you are depriving yourself of one of your most important communication tools, and of one of the body’s natural ways to produce feel-good chemicals. Cosmetic dentists have quite a menu of treatments to improve your smile these days. One of them is to replace failing or lost teeth with dental implants.

A good cosmetic dentist, such as Dr Komal Suri at Smile Design Dental in Buckinghamshire, will be able to put together a treatment plan involving several different treatments so that you finally get the smile you’ve always wanted. Cosmetic dentists understand the dimensions, shapes and colour your teeth and gums need in order to create a harmonious balance within your mouth. Too big or too small, too white or too yellow, too gummy, not gummy enough; these are all important considerations.

A Natural Look

Dental implants need to fit in with the rest of your teeth. If you are having your teeth whitened, then the implants need to match the colour your teeth will be after whitening and not before. Your dentist will therefore probably recommend that you have whitening done and then have the porcelain of the implants matched to your new teeth colour, rather than try and guess the shade before whitening.

The crowns on your dental implants are made of porcelain. These are made by highly trained technicians. There are many shades of porcelain to choose from. Once chosen, the technicians shape it to match the rest of your teeth. So, if you are having veneers on the rest of your teeth, the implant crown will be made to match the shape and colour of your veneers. If you are having your gum line reshaped, the implant crown will be made to fit into the new gum line.

As you can see, timing and the order of treatments, plays an important part in a smile makeover. This is why you need to see an experienced cosmetic dentist. They will draw up a plan and provide you with a schedule, with costings, so you know what treatment happens when.