No more tooth loss compromises

Dental implants on a blue table

Living in Melbourne can be so luxurious, with its plazas, bars and restaurants in Federation Square. For frequenters of bistro life, with all its steaks, grills and variety of foods, wearing dentures, crowns or bridges can be a real killjoy. Losing a tooth or teeth is bad enough, but when it seriously impacts on eating and enjoying life, it adds another dimension of regret and upset for past mistakes.

With this in mind, it’s good to hear that modern dentistry might just be able to offer the dentally-challenged a real alternative. In Melbourne, dental implants are filling the gap in smiles, giving people a complete set of pearly white teeth that any restaurant patron would be proud of.

In Melbourne, dental implants are putting steak back on the menu

Dental implants consist of a tiny titanium metal screws that sit inside the jawbone, anchoring crowns, dentures or bridges in place. Titanium has some pretty incredible properties that makes it biocompatible. Bone will bond to the surface of titanium. This means that once implants are in place, the jawbone will grow healthily around the implant, bonding to its surface, blood vessels will grow around it and even nerve endings will thrive. Titanium is also incredibly strong, and it won’t degrade or react to saliva and acid in the mouth, making it perfect for the harsh environment of the body. It’s possible for the implant to last 30 years once inserted, so as long a sit’s cleaned and maintained.It takes up to 6 months for the bone to fuse to the implant. A dentist qualified in implantology, such as dentists at High Dental Implants Melbourne, will fit a tooth replacement onto the implant. Custom made crown, dentures or bridges are colour matched to surrounding teeth, so they look like natural teeth and because the implant anchors them in place, they also act like them.

It means if you live in Melbourne, dental implants ensure dining out, next to the Yarra River will never be compromised by teeth slippage. Putting everything back on the menu, and making life as rich and full as that sticky barbeque sauce on the spare ribs.