Oil Recycling 101 for Industrial and Commercial Operations

Used Oil to be RecycledOil is a valuable resource to the whole world, which is why it earned the moniker “black gold.” With oil’s importance in the increasingly technology-reliant world of today, it will only do everyone well if recycling oil became a norm.

Industry leader oilrecovery.co.nz explains oil recycling as a process that removes water, sludge and heavy metals to produce industry-grade, top-quality heating fuel.

Although recycling initiatives seen advancement advocacies from several different organisations over the years, citizens may still need to learn more about recycling, especially oil recycling.

Rewards of Oil Recycling

Oil can be recycled several times over. By recycling used oil, you can save money from the purchase of new oil. You can also use recycled oil for energy production or production of lubricants. Both money and energy savings are present in such activities.

Guidelines for Industrial and Commercial Operations

Now, oil recycling for industrial and commercial organisations has simple guidelines you can follow for your operation. Auto shop, manufacturing facilities, and other commercial entities that generate used oil can all follow the subsequent principles.

You first have to collect as much used oil in your operation. Next, you store it in a proper way and finally dispose of it correctly.

Collection Tips

In collection, you have to make sure your storage facilities are secure enough to minimise contamination and spillage should they happen. You should keep used oil separate from other contaminants such as petrol, diesel, solvents, and others.

You also have to dedicate separate facilities for auto engine lubricating and circulating oils, used metalworking or cutting oils, and electrical insulating oils.

Disposal Tips

In disposal, you can rely on vacuum truck hire and waste oil collection services that can collect the used oil you accumulated. You can find such a service that serves the whole North Island. You can also rely on the same service for emergency recovery of used oil already spilt.

Improper handling of used oil can only lead to costly spillages and contaminated environments that can be hazardous to the workers in your operation. For the benefit of your facility, as well as the good of all people, you can properly recycle oil.