Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Teens a Volkswagen

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In this day and age, cars have become more of a necessity than a luxury for teens. If you are considering which vehicle to get, Volkswagen offers a good selection that can provide most of what your teens need in a car. If you want to know the specific benefits of choosing a Volkswagen vehicle for your teens, read on.


Giltrap Volkswagen shares that one of the main selling points of Volkswagen cars is that they are comparatively more affordable. For example, the 2009 and later Jetta models cost around $5,600, one of the lowest priced units on the market. The lease for this vehicle is also relatively cheaper, making it an excellent option for those who want a car but have a limited budget.

Great Features

For a brand that offers a great price, Volkswagen vehicles have interesting features, especially their high-end models. Smartphone syncing, GPS, and other hands-free capabilities are just some of the features that allow safe driving. In addition, there are numerous Volkswagen service centres available in case your teens encounter problems with their cars or are in sudden need of repairs.

Driver Assistance

For new drivers, especially teens, Volkswagen offers impressive driving features. Technologies, such as Park Pilot and Adaptive Cruise Control, are perfect for new drivers since they still need to accurately gauge their distance when parking or driving. Also, other features, such as Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking, can prevent vehicular accidents.

As a parent, you’d want the very best for your offspring. Getting them a vehicle that they can use in their everyday lives can help them much, especially during their school years. By choosing a car that’s perfect for your teens, you are sure that they can safely use it for a long time. This gives you all the more reasons to get them a Volkswagen.