Signs Your Home Foundation Needs Repair

foundation repair of a wall

Keeping the house in good condition is something every homeowner wants to achieve. But sometimes, despite all the scheduled inspection and maintenance tasks, some things are still bound to get broken. Your home’s foundation is one of them.

It is not common to keep your home’s foundation in check because it is meant to last for decades. However, it is your responsibility to check it regularly to see when it needs professional repairs.

Here are some of the signs of problems that you need to watch out for:


Simply repairing house cracks by painting over it or applying a sealant might solve the problem. But often, this is just a temporary solution to a deeper problem, which is often your home’s foundation. So, if you see cracks inside and outside your home, your property might be telling you that it’s time for some repair works or reinforcements.

Uneven flooring

Put a marble down the floor, if it rolls towards a single direction, then it would most likely mean your floor is not even. Uneven flooring is a common sign that your home’s foundation is slowly deteriorating. This can be difficult to spot because it’s not that obvious, but it’s an effective way to assess the condition of your foundation.

Doors and windows do not open or close

Doors and windows that do not open or close properly can also indicate an underlying problem. This means the home’s foundation has been moving, which affects the frames that hold the doors and windows.

Bowing Walls

Go outside and check the shape of your house. Does the wall seem like bowing in? Go inside and do the same. If the walls are visibly bowing down, then it means something is wrong with your home’s foundation.

Are you seeing these telltale signs in your home? Get professional help immediately, so you can avoid serious property damage or accidents, as well as keep foundation problems from getting worse and posing a threat to your family’s safety.