The Open-plan Office: How to Enhance Privacy with Design Efficiency

Open-plan office space

Thanks to Facebook and Google, the open-floor office plan is making a comeback in the UK. This layout used to be very popular during the mid-1960s. These days, businesses are growing, and the limited floors need to accommodate dozens of people or workstations at any given time. The setup, therefore, promotes design flexibility.

Today, the open-space plan is more than about the physical layout. It is a metaphor for openness to new learning and an invitation for collaboration. This partly explains why it’s a typical setup not only in traditional but also in shared office spaces.

In spite of this, many are still apprehensive about the effects of such a setup in terms of privacy and business performance. For example, during critical decision-making processes, how can the management limit the access of information?

Investing in Design Efficiency

Fortunately, businesses now have many options on how to embrace an open-floor plan without compromising privacy and confidentiality. One of these is by investing in well-designed furniture pieces.

Take for example boardroom furniture in the UK. A folding room table allows a company to convert what can be a single multipurpose area into an impromptu meeting room. For those that don’t have an enclosed space, they can buy a mobile or agile working meeting table. This way, they can convert even the outdoors into a possible discussion area.

For businesses that seek a more traditional layout, they can opt for a modular table. They might be able to change the configurations according to the available space and the number of participants.

Another way to break an open-floor plan is to install foldable French doors, which can separate spaces effectively. Even a proper label or designation for different spots in the office can be helpful.

Working in an open-floor office can potentially affect your productivity. The challenges include a lack of privacy or easy access to sensitive information. However, with some wise investments, you can overcome many of these barriers.