Types of Hydro Jetter Heads Professional Plumbers Use

Plumber Fixing Problem With Drains

Blockage of drains is the leading cause of indoor pipe damage. In most cases, property owners employ various DIY and store-bought remedies, which do fix a drain block, but only temporarily. Over time, however, these remedies accumulate in your pies and cause irreparable drain damage.

The efficient solution for is to get a plumber skilled in drain repairs to handle your blocked drains regardless of magnitude. Most plumbers now use hydro jetting for unblocking drains. This method involves dispensing high-pressure water through a hydro jetter’s head to clear your drain.

Here are the common heads used for hydro jetters.

Chain Flail Heads

These are used to rid your drains of hard grease, mineral scale and rust buildup. Chain flail heads are water-powered chain knockers or scrapers. The chains bang your pipes’ interiors causing the deposits to fall off and get washed away.

Chain flail heads are, however, only used for strong metal pipes since the banging will break delicate pipe materials and result in significant drain issues.

Penetrator Heads

These have several forward-facing jets. The jets cut through and knock out any pipe obstructions. Penetrator heads are typically used with rear-flushing nozzles to pull the dislodged debris out of the pipes rather than pushing them further into the pipes.

Rear Flushing Heads

These heads have jets installed at the back of a hydro jetter’s nozzle. They are used together with other heads to pull out debris once it has been dislodged. This minimizes the risk of forming an obstruction further down your drains. Rear flushing heads have a maximum pulling and vacuuming power.

In some cases, your plumber might use all the heads mentioned above to unclog your drain efficiently. Using a hydro jetter requires exceptional skill to minimize the chances of damaging your pipes. You should hence hire for a licensed plumber rather than a handyman to fix and protect your drains.