Why Above Ground Tanks Are Better than Underground Tanks

Above Ground TankFor many homeowners, an underground oil tank is a good choice. It keeps the eyesore out of sight. They think the space needed for an above ground tank fabrication could be used for something else. The extra space could mean better home resale value.

However, an underground storage tank is not always an ideal option. This is true for both home and business use. In fact, the authorities suggest replacing underground tanks with above ground ones.


Tanks are made from metal so they are bound to rust. Quakes and floods may also cause damage to tanks. The flaws in the tanks may lead to spills.

A spill in a large storage tank entails danger to the lives of workers and people living nearby. It also means huge losses. There is the threat of soil contamination as well.

An aboveground tank is less prone to damage from quakes and floods. The risk of contamination is also lower. It is not as close to the ground as an underground tank after all.

Care and Repair

The maintenance and fabrication, of an aboveground tank is more manageable than that of an underground one. Air flow is not much of a concern when checking the tank for holes, rust and other defects. That is because the tank is usually set up in an open space. Fixing faulty parts of such tank is also a bit safer, easier and faster.


An aboveground tank doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Many storage tanks, be it for water, petroleum or other liquids, feature company logos in their exterior. Some even have meaningful and colorful murals. However, there are still some factors to consider when you intend to have a mural painted on your tank.


Getting inspection services alone for underground tanks is already costly. If a problem is discovered, fixing it means additional cost. The construction and maintenance of aboveground tanks are not cheap either. However, the costs are way lower than services for underground ones.

In summary, above ground tank fabrication is a far better option than an underground tank, all things considered. The risks of damages and losses are lower. Furthermore, proper care can trim down the risks. It might seem an eyesore at first glance, but it can be made to feature an art.